The Collector & District Magistrate of Keonjhar is assisted by two Additional District Magistrates (A.D.M.s).

  • Additional District Magistrate (General)
  • Additional District Magistrate (Revenue)

The District level officers under his control are

  • Civil Supplies Officer (C.S.O.)
  • District Panchayat Officer (D.P.O.)
  • District Welfare Officer (D.W.O.)
  • Superintendent of Excise
  • District Sub-Register
  • Mining Officer
  • District Social Welfare Officer (D.S.W.O.)
  • District Information and Public Relation Officer (D.I. & P.R.O.)
  • District Planning Officer (D.P.O.)
  • District Development Officer (D.D.O.)
  • District Sports Officer (D.S.O.)
  • District Culture Officer (D.C.O.)

The eleven branches of Collectorate are

  • Establishment
  • Revenue
  • Touzi
  • Emergency
  • General and and Miscellaneous
  • Forest Settlement
  • Superintendent of Land Records
  • Judicial
  • Nizarat
  • Land Acquisition
  • Election

Duties and Responsibility of Each Officer

Collector and District Magistrate

  • Collection of Revenue
  • Maintenance of Law and Order
  • Supervision of Developmental Activities
  • Supervision
  • Monitoring and control on other Government Departments in the District
  • Acts as District Election Officer and Returning Officer

Additional District Magistrate

To assist Collector & District Magistrate

Civil Supplies Officer (C.S.O)

Supply and Distribution of essential commodities (Rice, Kerosene Oil, Sugar, Wheat etc.)

 District Welfare Officer (D.W.O.)

  • Supervision of Scheduled Tribe/Scheduled Caste Development Schools
  • Disbursement of scholarship to Scheduled Tribe/Scheduled Caste students

District Panchayat Officer(D.P.O.)

  • Supervision and Control of Panchayati Raj Institutions
  • Holding of election for Panchayatraj Institutions

Superintendent of Excise

  • Collection of Excise Revenue
  • Holding Auction and Issue of license to Excise shops

District Sub-Register

  • Registration of Deeds/Agreements etc.
  • Registration of marriage as District Marriage Officer

District Treasury Officer

  • Preservation of Government valuables
  • Implementation of financial Rules & Regulation of Government
  • Checking and passing of bills (Pay & contingent)

District Mining Officer.

Issue of PL/ M L( Mining leases/Prospectus License)

District Social Welfare Officer.

  • Implementation of Social Welfare measures(OAP, NOAP, ODP, WOP)
  • Supervision of Integrated Child Development Scheme (Projects/Scheme)

District Information & Public Relation Officer

  • Publicity of Government programme
  • Observance of National Ceremony/Functions.

District Planning Officer

  • Monitoring of Schemes/Projects under Member of Parliament
  • Local Area Development /Member of Legislative Assembly
  • Local Area Development & un-tied funds etc.

District Development Officer

  • Monitoring of developmental activities in the District.
  • Co-coordinating Non Governmental Organisation’s activities.
  • Controlling of Block Establishment Matters.

District Sports Officer

Promotion of Sports activities

District Culture Officer

Promotion of Cultural activities.

Branches of Collectorate


  • Preparation of Bill Budget
  • Conduct recruitment for Class-III & Class-IV employees.
  • Transfer & posting of Staff
  • Discipline and proceedings
  • Pension matters


  • Supervision & monitoring of Revenue matters.
  • Deals appeal/revision in Revenue matters.


Supervision and control of collection of revenue

General & Miscellaneous

  • Deals with Miscellaneous matters.
  • Supervision of Urban Local Bodies
  • Public Grievance Cell & Audit Cell
  • Inspection of Sub-ordinate offices.
  • Deals tour programmes of VIPs

Forest Settlement

  • Settlement of Revenue Forest boundaries and creation of forest villages.
  • Superintendent of Land Records
  • Deals preservation of land record
  • Creation of new villages


  • Deals with Law & Order matters
  • Deals with Jail matters
  • Issue of arms and Explosive Licenses.


  • Deals with cash transactions.
  • Maintenance of Circuit House & Inspection Bungalows.


  • Preparation and publication of Voter list.
  • Conduct Elections to Parliament & Legislative Assemblies.

Land Acquisition

Deals with acquisition of land for public purpose and payment of compensation.