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          Keonjhar District is economically a backward District in the State of Orissa. Educationally it is emerging as a developing District with the passing of time. Tribal people of 23 tribal communities generally pre-dominantly inhabit the district. The scheduled castes and scheduled tribes population constitutes 56% of total population of the district.

          In the year 1947-48, there were only 131 Primary Schools, 11 Upper Primary (M.E.) Schools and 2 High Schools in the district with enrolment of 10680,1088 and 642nos. of students respectively.

          Prior to the year 1975, an educational activity of this district was under the control of Mayurbhanja-Keonjhar Circle with headquarters at Baripada. It became a separate education Circle on 11.8.1975 with an Inspector of Schools as its head.

          Being a tribal and backward district, most of the children of tribal as well as economically backward people assist their parents to earn their livelihood and remain aloof from the main-stream of getting formal education. Non-formal stream of education has been introduced in the district for them as well as for the drop-outs and the children of remote areas where there is no provision of formal education. Further more, the district has been included in District Primary Education Programme (D.P.E.P.) in December,1996 to ensure 100% enrolment of (6-11) years age-group children, universal retention in primary and Upper Primary stage, access to all girls children up to (6-14) years age-group and raise teacher’s competencies through training, workshop, seminar and motivation and stress on M.L.L., Joyful learning etc.

          Since independence, the district is marching ahead to raise the level of education through continuous effort of the Department of School and Mass Education and Welfare Department of the State Government.

          At present, (1999-2000) there are 1600 primary schools, 668 Upper Primary Schools, 02 Madrasas for minority community, 510 High Schools (Boys 440 + Girls 70) functioning in the district with enrolment of 201079, 35282 and 48343 respectively. Further, there are 1209 nos. of Non Formal Education (N.F.E.) Centres, 9 nos. of Higher Secondary (Vocational) Schools, 3 nos. of Sanskrit Tolls, 3 nos. of Teachers’ Training Institutes functioning in the District.











Structure of the Department (District & Downward)

          The Inspector of Schools heads the Education Department (up to Secondary Education) of the District (Circle). Keonjhar revenue district is divided into 5 Education Districts and each is under the control of one District Inspector of Schools (D.I.S.) who looks after the Primary and Upper Primary education affairs of the education district. Each education district is again sub-divided into some Sub-Inspectors of Schools Circles and these are under the control of Sub-Inspectors of Schools who look after the Primary Education affairs at the grass root level. There are 44 nos. of Sub-Inspector of Schools (S.I.) in the District amongst whom 41 nos. are in the field and 3 nos. are attached to the office of the District Inspector of Schools, Keonjhar, Champua and Anandapur education district.

          To look after the affairs of Non-formal Education (N.F.E.) of the district, one Co-coordinator is stationed in the office of the Inspector of Schools. The whole district is divided into 8 (eight) N.F.E.Projects under the control of one Junior Co-coordinator (N.F.E.) each.










Programme Implementation

Brief description about different programme

(a)20-Point Programme

          Of the 20-point programme introduced by our beloved prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi in the year 1980, elementary education is figured in point 10.A and aims at enrolling all children in the age group (6-11) years and (11-14) years with special emphasis on girls children. At present, the Non-formal education and Primary education is being dealt by Zilla Parisad.

(b) Mid-day Meal Programme

          In order to check-up the drop-out rate in the elementary stage of education and to supplementary stage of education and to supplement nutrition to the primary school children, Mid Day Mill (M.D.M.) programme is introduced in Orissa from 1st July, 1995 in all primary schools of School and Mass Education Department and in all Sevasrams of Welfare Department of Government of Orissa. The District Social Welfare Officer, Keonjhar, looks after the programme.

(c) District Primary Education Programme (D.P.E.P.): -

Keonjhar district is included under DPEP as 8th district in the state in December, 1996 with the following aims and objectives:

  • To ensure 100 percent enrollment of children in the age group of (6-11) years.
  • Universal retention in primary and upper primary stages.
  • A substantial improvement in quality of education to enable all children in order to achieve minimum level of learning.
  • Access to all girls children up to (6-14) years age group.
  • Access to drop out children through NFE and alternative schools.
  • Access to disadvantaged groups like S.C./S.T. and disabled children.
  • To improve school effectiveness.
  • Raising teachers’ competencies through training, workshop, seminar and motivation, stress on Mother Indian Language (MIL), Joyful learning etc.

Presently, the District Project Co-ordinator, DPEP, Keonjhar directly deal with the programme.










Success Stories

          In academic and Co-curricular activities, the students/teachers of this district have brought glory and prestige to this district through their persistent endeavourance.

(a) Academic: -

Position held by the top ten ranks in the Annual High Schools Certificate (H.S.C.) examination in the last five years is as follows:

Year of exam. Rank. Name of the student. Name of the High School. Marks awarded
1995 9th Sisira Kumar Rath D.N.High School, Keojhar 672
10th Dipak Kumar Rath -do- 671
1996 10th Pranabesh Pattanayak N.S.Police High School, Keonjhar 681
1997 5th Arup Kumar Mohapatra D.N.High School, Keonjhar 689
1998 None
1999 8th Ajit Kumar Behera D.N.Bidyapitha, Alati 692

(b) Co-curricular: I. Games and Sports: -

National level Events/Competition Name of the student. Name of the High school
1. Athletics
1.Tapan Kumar Mahanta
2. Tipu Hembram
G.P.High School, Dhangadadiha
D.N.High School,Keonjhar
2. Vollyball tournament 1. Dambarudhar Mahanta
G.M.High School,Kumundi
3.eastern India science fair
1.Tapan Kumar Sahoo
2.Sonali Maharana
B.N.High School, Anandapur
Town Girls High School,Keonjhar
4.Children Science Congress 1.Manoj Kumar Mohanty Mahatab High School,Champua
1.Sukram Birua(Won 2 gold medals in 100 & 200 mtrs. Run)
2.Tipu Hembram
3.Namita Samal
4.Narmada Mahanta
D.N.High School, Keonjhar
Salbani GP Girls High School
M.K.High School, Kundula
2.Vollybal tournament 1.Damburudhar Mahanta G.M.High School, Kumndi
3.Football tournament
1.Lamba Topo
2.Rupai Hansda
3.Gorachand Hembram
D.N.High School, Keonjhar
M.M.High School, Batunia
4.Kho-Kho 1.Surama Behera Government.Girls High School, Keonjhar
5.eastern India science Fair 1.Lingaraj Mahakud Jambhiripasi Primary. School (Banspal Block)
6.Children Science Congress 1.Abhishekha Nanda Tarini Bidyapitha, Ghatagaon
Extra –



1.Amit Kumar Sarangi
2.Asit Kumar Behera
3.Priyanka Priyadarshini
4.Babita Rout
D.N.High School,Keonjhar
D.N.Bidyapitha, Alati
N.S.Police High School, Keonjhar
D.N.High School, Keonjhar

(d) State/National Award to teachers: -

State Award

Elementary wing
Name of the teacher with school
Secondary wing
Name of the teacher with school
1995 Sri Prana Ballav Padhi, Head Pandit, Bhatakarua Primary School, Keonjhar Dr. Ram Chandra Nayak, Assistant teacher, Remuli High School
1996 Sri Harihar Nanda, Headmaster (Retired) Dhrupada UGME School, Keonjhar Kailash Chandra Mishra, Assistant teacher, D.N.High School, Keonjhar
1997 Sri Hemanta Kumar Pattanayak, H.M., M.M.S.B. Primary School, Keonjhar Kanhu Charan Kar, Assistant teacher, D.N. High School, Keonjhar
1998 Sri Bailochan Sutar, H.M., Jadipada UGME school, Keonjhar Mayadhar Rath, H.M. (Retired) D.N.Bidyapitha, Alati
1999 Held up due to super cyclone.



National Award

1997- Subash Chandra Bal- D.N. High School, Keonjhar

(e) Best School in the District:-

D. N. High School, Keonjhar was adjudged as the Best School by the B.S.E., Orissa, Cuttack in the Circle for the year 1998 on the basis of the following criteria:

Infrastructure, Academic activities, Non-scholastic area of achievement, community involvement.