. . .



































          Since 1946, the Public Distribution System has been introduced and implemented in the state/ District as per instruction of Government of India. In Orissa the Department of Supplies originally known as Supply & Transport Department, was set up on 4th February, 1943. Since then the Department has been maintaining supplies of essential commodities and securing their free and equitable distribution at fair price through the state. This Department declared permanent & separate  entity since 1957. The responsibility of the Department among other things are as follows.

1. Maintenance of supply of food grains throughout the state

2. Maintenance of fair prices to the producers and to the consumers

3. Building of stocks in years of scarcity for internal consumption and arrangement for   export of surplus stock.

4.Control and distribution of essential commodities  are control from time to time. Accordingly this PDS has been introduced for availability of essential commodities and acts for pertaining to this came in to force from 1955. 

          The objective of this law bound Programme is that the essential commodities like rice, wheat, levy sugar, Kerosene Oil & Edible Oil should be available to consumers at a control price fixed by the Government from time to time in order to arrest the raising price of the open market. The Civil  Supplies  Office of this district is functioning since 15.5.1950.











Structure of Department (District and Down Ward)

          The Civil  Supplies  administration in the district is in the general charge of District Magistrate assisted by Civil  Supplies  Officer. The District Magistrate is responsible for executing the policy laid down by Government in Supply Department and maintaining of adequate supply of Commodities within his district and for securing equitable distribution at reasonable prices, the Civil  Supplies  Officer assists the District Magistrate in Civil Supplies   administration and are in-charge of Supply Section of District Office. He is also responsible for efficient management of his section and is authorized to dispose of all routine works. The Assistant Civil  Supplies  Officer /Inspectors of Supplies from the Executive machinery of Civil Supplies   administration in the district are also under the control of the District Magistrate. In each Sub-Division there is one Asst. Civil  Supplies  Officers to assist the Sub-Collector in Civil Supplies   administration.  Each Block is covered by one Inspectors of Supplies or Marketing Inspectors. They are mainly responsible for procurement and distribution of essential commodities in their areas and they are to assist Block Development Officer for proper distribution of essential commodities. The primary duties of the regional (Executive)staff for regular checking and inspection of storage depots/wholesalers/sub-wholesalers/retailers/hawkers and investigation of complaints made by the consumers & enforcement  of  all orders &  rules  etc. issued  by  any   competent   authority in respect of Civil Supplies  matters and prosecution of offences. Besides this, an Intelligence wing has been created and functioning in the state as well as all the districts in order to ensure the availability of essential commodities and to keep stable the open market price in the areas and to report periodically to proper quarters. As such one Market Intelligence Officer is posted in the District & one market Intelligence Supervisor and one Market Intelligence Inspector are working in the district. Apart from this, another wing of the Department namely Weight & Measure (Legal Metrology)section has been functioning in the State as well as all the districts to look after the proper weighments of Consumers Goods and proper measure of the stocks of Petrol/Diesel/Weighing Scales/Cloth etc. in each and every corner of the state and for which State cadre officers as well as field officers have been deployed by Government for the purpose which is in force for the benefit of the consumers. The table below will indicate the officers are in the position to look after the Public Distribution System as well as respective item of works entrusted to them by the Government in the district.










Operation Of Orissa State Civil Supplies Corporation (OSCSC) Ltd.

          Since 1980-81, an undertaking body of the State Government namely Orissa State Civil Supplies Corporation  Ltd. is functioning under the direct control of Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department. The Chairman-cum-Managing Director, is in-charge of the management of the Corporation of the State. All the Civil Supplies Officers are in-charge of District Managers to look after the purpose and lifting of stocks from FSD of Food Corporation of India and storage as well as distribution of essential commodities both in rural and urban areas of the district.

          For smooth management of Public Distribution System in the State, the Government of Orissa in Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department are allotting commodities wise stocks to each district every month basing on the number of APL & BPL card holders. After receipt of such allocation order from Government order is being communicated to each Storage Agents/Executive Staff/ Members of Legislative Assembly /Members of Parliament / Sub-Collectors/ Block Development Officers after due approval of the Collector. The allotted stocks are being lifted by the Storage Agents from the concerned FSDs of Food Corporation of India on pre-deposit basis. The Orissa State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd., on recommendation of the respective Collectors, appoints the Storage Agents. After fulfilling the terms and conditions of Orissa State Civil Supplies Corporation  Ltd. The Storage Agents are allowed to function as per terms & conditions as laid down in the Storage Agents Agreement. As such the appointed Storage Agents are to deposit Rs.1,00,000/-(Rupees One Lakh) towards their Security Deposit through Bank Draft and also Solvency Certificate Rs.10 Lakhs. Besides of this they have to obtain a license for each item from the licensing authority, deposit Rs.600/- for each item depositing in the Treasury through Treasury Challan. The applications for appointment are invited by Orissa State Civil Supplies Corporation  Ltd., Bhubaneswar through paper publication in beginning of every financial year. Soon after lifting & arrival of stocks at storage depot points, the area Inspector as well as other authorized officers like Block Development Officers/Tahasildar are to verify the stocks as per delivery order issued by District Manager, Orissa State Civil Supplies Corporation  Ltd. in favour of Storage Agents. The retailers are to lift stocks from the Storage Agents on pre-deposit basis, the stocks are being issued to retailers on proper acknowledgement as per endorsement of allotment in Tally Register by Marketing Inspectors, concerned for supervision of lifting & distribution, Town Level Advisory Committee /Block Level Advisory Committee /Retail Level Committee on the areas have been constituted and are in operation as under guidelines of Government.

          Besides this, the District Consumer Protection Council has also been formed at district level under the Chairmanship of the Collector for giving proper advice in distribution of stocks to consumers under Public Distribution System and sort-out problem if any in procurement and distribution in Public Distribution System. 

          Formation of committees at district level like District Consumer Protection Committee / Town Level Advisory Committee (TLAC) / Block Level Advisory Committee (BLAC)/ Retail Level Committee  ( RLC) for smooth running of Public Distribution System in the District in the following manner in order to facilitate the Public Distribution System proper distribution of essential commodities to consumers.










District Consumer Protection Committee (D.C.P.C).

          This committee has been constituted comprising the following members to look after the Public Distribution System items properly available with the consumers of all the District as well as to render proper protection to the consumers.

1.Collector is the Chairman of the Committee.
2.Additional District Magistrate. in charge of Public Distribution System  - Member
3.Commercial Tax officer -  Member
4.Incharge Officer. Orissa State Warehousing Corporation -  Member
5.Member of District Consumer Redressal Forum -  Member
6.All Members of Parliament  or their representative -  Member
7.All Members of Legislative Assembly or their representative -   Member
8.All Chairman of Panchayat Samities - Member
9.Chairman of Zilla Parishad - Member
10.Superintendent of Police - Member
11.Superintendent of Vigilance  (Police) - Member
12.Assistant Controller of Weights & Measure - Member
13.Marketing Intelligence Officer - Member
14.District Manager, Food Corporation of India - Member
15.D.C., Indian Oil Corporation - Member
16.Civil Supplies Officer - Member Convenor
17.15 numbers of  non official member duly approved by the Government 

Town Level Advisory Committee(T.L.A.C)

          The town level committee in urban areas of the Districts has been constituted comprising the following officers and non-official members namely.

1.Chairman of the Municipality/N.A.C. as the Chairman of the Committee.
2.Civil Supplies Officer or Assistant  Civil  Supplies Officer as member convenor of
3.Executive Officer of the Municipality/N.A.C. - Member
4.Concerned M.L.A. or his representative - Member
5.Concerned Inspector of Supplies  or Marketing Inspector in-charge of Urban area-Member
6.Two councilors of Urban body - Member
7.One lady member of the council - Member
8.One male member of the council -  Member
9.A.R.Civil Supplies, Keonjhar.       

Block Level Advisory Committee (B.L.A.C.) 

          This Block level committee in each block of the district formed comprising the following members to look after the Public Distribution System of the Panchayat Samiti smoothly.

  1. Chairman of the concerned Panchayat Samiti - Chairman
  2. Concerned M.P or his representative - Member
  3. Concerned M.L.As or their representative - Member
  4. Concerned Block Development Officer - Member & Convenor
  5. One Panchayat Samiti member - Member
  6. One Sarapanch of any Panchayat  -  Member
  7. One lady member  Member
  8. One Scheduled Caste  Member -  Member
  9. One Scheduled Tribe Member -  Member
  10. Cooperative Extension Officer of the Panchayat Samiti -  Member
  11. concerned Inspector of Supplies or Marketing Inspector of the block  - Member

Retail Level Advisory Committee (R.L.A.C.) 

          The retail level committee has been constituted within the jurisdiction of a particular retail point of the Grama Panchayat in order to Supervise proper lifting and distribution of PDS items to bonafied consumers in the village areas. One ward member/Councilor, One lady member, One Scheduled Caste /Scheduled Tribe  candidate and one bonafied candidates etc. are the member of the committee in respect of urban & rural area. 

Procedure for Appointment of Retailers                             

          The retailers are being appointed by the concerned Sub-Collectors where necessary within their jurisdiction on the recommendation of TLAC for urban areas & BLAC for rural areas through resolution except the district head quarters in where Additional District Magistrate in-charge of Public Distribution System will appoint retailer on the recommendation of TLAC. In respect of urban areas, the interested persons will apply in plain paper for appointment of retailer to the respective appointing authorities by mentioning his /her financial ability business experience. Area of operation  and storage facility etc. for the purpose. 

How to Apply for Retailer-ship

          The application received by the authority will be forwarded to the concerned Block Development Officers in case of rural areas and concerned Civil   Supplies  field functionaries for its proper enquiry and report which will be placed before the TLAC/BLAC for recommendation of their appointment.                             

Functioning of Retail Center 

          After appointment the appointed retailer will apply  to the licencing authority in prescribed form by depositing required fee Rs.600/- for each items & Rs.75/- for Kerosene oil retailing through Treasury Challans supporting required documents to obtain a licence from the Collector/Additional District Magistrate and Concerned Sub-Collectors before transaction of control commodities like sugar/rice/wheat & wheat products/Kerosene oil & Edible Oil at retail point.

          After obtaining the licence the quota will be fixed for the retailer as per the area and consumer cards tagged to him, as per decision taken by the TLAC/BLAC earlier.

           The allotted quota of rice/sugar/wheat etc. will be lifted by the concerned retailers from the nearest storage depots in urban& rural areas on pre-deposit of cost endorsed by concerned Marketing Inspectors basing on the allotment order approved by the concerned Block Development Officers/ Sub-Collectors /Additional District Magistrate /Collector in case of urban areas.                           

          After arrival of stock at the retail point the retail level committee constituted as per Guideline of Government by the Bock Development Officers or Sub-Collectors will verify the arrival of stocks and will be sold to consumers under direct supervision of the RLC. After completion of sale the RLC will recommend in the Tally Registers of Concerned retailer for further lifting of stocks.

          If any irregularity in distribution is noticed the committee will report the matter to the Block Development Officers/ Sub-Collectors/Collector for appropriate action. Besides this, in course of visit and verification of stocks by authorized officers if any irregularities are noticed, action as deemed proper will be taken by the competent authority.

          The consumers if they aggrieved on the method of distribution or noticed any misappropriation by the retailer/dealer, first of all they should lodge a written complain before the distributing authority like Block Development Officer /Sub-Collector/Collector for its redressal.

          The complain will be enquired by the authority or through his representative immediately. The action as per the law will be taken up, if allegation is found suitable.

          The retailer will distribute the control commodities to a consumer on the strength of consumer card/identity card issued by Block Development Officer /Sub-Collector/ Civil Supplies  Officer /Assistant Civil Supplies Officer  Procedure for issue of ration card is as follows. After a thorough door to door survey made by the enumerating party, the details of eligibility are being collected from the house owner and accordingly eligibility of getting of a consumer card is being finalized for issue of a ration card in his/her favour .If any body fails to report his name for obtaining a family card before the enumerating officers at the time of enumeration, he may apply in a plain paper narrating name by of his family member/age of every members/relation with head of the family and his monthly income before the above authority. After that the application will be enquired by the field staff and if the applicant is eligible to get a card he will be supplied with a card on deposit of Rs.2/- per card.

          For smooth distribution of Controlled Commodities in Urban & Rural area the following retailers have been appointed in the district.

Name of Sub-Division

Name of the Block/ Urban Local Body

Number of Fair Price Shops


Gram Panchayat





Anandapur 13 04 - - 17
Ghasipura 16 03 - - 19
Hatadihi 20 05 - - 25
Total 49 12 - - 61
Keonjhar Keonjhar 16 01 - - 17
Banspal 17 01 - - 18
Telkoi 17 01 - - 18
Ghatgaon 19 - - - 19
Harichandanpur 13 03 - 01 17
Saharpada 15 01 - - 16
Patna 16 02 - - 18
Total 113 09 - 01 123
Champua Champua 18 03 - - 21
Joda 13 04 - - 17
Jhumpura 17 - - - 17
Total 48 07 - - 55
  Anandapur NAC - 04 34 01 39
  Keonjhar Municipality - 04 36 01 41
  Joda Municipality - 02 23 - 27
  Barbil Municipality - - 50 - 50
  Total - 10 143 2 155
Grand Total 210 38 143 03 394


Procedure For Distribution Of Kerosene Oil

          The Kerosene oil  supplied to the consumers through retailers under Public Distribution System is being lifted from Sub-wholesalers point. The wholesalers appointed for the Districts are lifting stocks from Rourkela & Balasore oil depots of Indian Oil Corporation  & Hindustan Petroleum Corporation & supplying blue bleached Kerosene oil to the Sub-Wholesalers appointed by the collector. The retailers are use to lift stocks from sub-wholesalers point in rural areas & from wholesalers in urban areas.

As such following wholesalers in Kerosene oil are functioning in the District


Name of the Sub-Division

Name of the Sub- Wholesaler


Anandapur M/s BanadurgaPratisthan Ghasipura
Keonjhar General Traders Keonjhar
Singh Kerosene Keonjhar
Champua Tripathy Petrol Supplier Joda
M/s Sitaram Khathore Barbil


Mode of Appointment of Whole Salers/ Sub-WholeSalers of Kerosene

          The concerned oil companies invites the applications for appointment of wholesalers through advertisement. The intending persons apply to the respective companies under prescribed norms. the applicants provisionally  are being appointed by companies as wholesalers in  Kerosene oil and are functioning after obtaining required licence from the concerned Collector and after that they used to transport the consignment from the oil companies to the districts as per the requirement of the District allotted by Government The Kerosene oil so lifted by the Wholesalers are being distributed to the Sub-Wholesalers/retailers appointed by Collector and Sub-Collectors as per their distribution list made by Collector according to area tagged to them.

The mode of appointment of Sub-Wholesalers  

          Taking in to consideration of Geographical situation and population the sub-wholesalers are being appointed in Rural areas in order to facilitate the retailer for lifting of Kerosene oil and its easy distribution to consumers. The intending applicants will apply to the collector in the prescribed form  available in Civil  Supplies  Office along with an application in a plain paper mentioning their areas of operation, financial capability, storage capacity etc. On receipt other said application, Collector will forward the same to the concerned sub-collectors for enquiry taking of consideration of eligibility, viability, financial stability, storage facility, previous experience  and public relationship. Soon after receipt of the report from the enquiring Officer, if collector feel suitable to appoint such applicant as a sub-wholesaler he may appoint him as such to function after obtaining a licence under Kerosene oil licencing control order 1962 after depositing a licence fee of Rs.600/- through Challan deposit in the Government Treasury. 

 As such the following Kerosene oil sub-wholesalers have been appointed in the District.

Name of the Sub-Division

Name of the Block/ NAC/ Municipality

Name of the sub-Wholesalers

Place of Business

Anandapur Anandapur NAC P.K. Mishra Sailong
    Maa Enterprises Salapada
    G.B. Rout Anandapur
  Anandapur Block Padmalochan Sahoo Belbahali
  Ghasipura Om Prakash Sharma Barpada
    B.N. Rout Nahangi
    Maa Saraswati Enterprises Keshadurapal
  Hatadihi D.D. Rout Chhenapadi
    D.D. Samal Dhenka
Keonjhar Keonjhar Block N.N. Sahoo Naranpur
    S.C. Sahoo Raisuan
    M.M. Sahoo Palasponga
    Kasidhar Sethi Padmapur
  Banspal K.B., Mahanta Suakati
    S. Ram Bayapandadhar
    R.K. Behera Banspal
    A.K. Sahoo Jatra
  Telkoi Ranjan Sahoo Jagmohanpur
    P.L. Pradhan Telkoi
    Hrudaya Sahoo Bimala
  Ghatgaon Sri K.K. Mahanta Ghatgaon
    M/s Tarini Traders Dhenkikote
    Madanmohan sahu Pandapur
  Harichandanpur G.S. Gupta Harichandanpur
    B.K. Sahoo Bhagamunda
    B.K. Prusty Janghira
  Patna M/s Fuel Patna
    Jairam Sahoo Turumunga
    A.C. Nayak Kendeiposi
    Nageswar Sahoo Rengalbeda
  Saharpada Jairam Sahoo Saharpada
    G. Raj Billa Chhak
Champua Champua Sitaram Khatore Champua
    K.K. Giri Bhanda
    D.K. Sahoo Kalikaprasad
  Jhumpura M/s Khatore Jhumpura
    M.R. Das Malda
    B.K. Sahoo Ukhunda
    Goutam Sahu Asanpat
  Joda Bharat Ch. Sahu Bileipada
    P.R. Rout Bameibari
    K.B. Pradhan Bolani

          At Present the following number of Storage depots of Kerosene oil wholesalers and Sub-wholesalers are functioning in different blocks and urban areas in the District. in order to facilitate the door delivery of Rice/Wheat/Sugar and Kerosene oil 14 private Storage depots and 21 departmental depots/5 Kerosene oil wholesalers and 42 sub-wholesalers in Kerosene oil are functioning. 

The details of which is indicated below.

                        Kerosene oil Wholesaler   :5                    
                        Keonjhar                       :2         
                        Anandapur                    :1
                        Joda                            :1
                        Barbil                           :1


Name of the Block/ NAC/ Municipality

No. of Storage Agents Functioning

No. of Kerosene oil sub-wholesaler functioning

Banaspal Block 06 04
Keonjhar Block 02 04
Telkoi Block 03 03
Harichandanpur Block 03 03
Ghatgaon Block 03 03
Patna Block 03 04
Saharpada Block 02 02
Champua Block 02 03
Jhampura Block 02 04
Joda Block 02 04
Anadapur Block 01 03
Ghasipura Block 03 03
Hatadihi Block 01 03
Keonjhar Muncipality 01 02
Anandapur NAC 01 -
Joda Muncipality 01 01
Barbil Muncipality 01 01
Total 35 47





Programme Implementation

          Brief description about different Programmes Both the TPDS & Revamped Public Distribution System( RPDS) Scheme have been introduced in Keonjhar District. From April,97 the distribution System of essential commodities under PDS has been implemented in this district for smooth distribution of commodities through on-window delivery system through Gram Panchayats in rural areas. As per policy decision, 1,62,103 families are coming under BPL categories who are availing special subsidised rice @ Rs.4.75 per K.G. in 10 Integrated Tribal Development Project Blocks. Apart from this, the Below Poverty Line (BPL)  card holders of 3 numbers of Integrated Tribal Development Project Blocks and slum dwellers of 4 Urban bodies of the district, 63,178 card holders are getting subsidised rice @ Rs.6.25 per K.G. to a tune of 16 K.G. rice per card per month. In a special case 22,939 Above Poverty Line  (APL) card holders of Super Cyclone affected areas in this district (Anandapur Sub-Division) are also availing rice @ Rs.6.25 per K.G. to a tune of 16 K.G. rice per card per month. The card holders of urban areas supplied with 3 K.G. of sugar and 6 litres of Kerosene oil per month per card. Similarly, Card holders of rural area are being Supplies with 1.5 K.G. sugar and 6 litres of Kerosene oil per month per card. As per Government recent policy, the Income Tax Payees are debarred of getting their sugar quota from July,2000 and onwards. The details of Below Poverty Line ( BPL)  & Above Poverty Line ( APL) card holders of this district are as follows.

Name of the Sub-Division.

Name of the Block/NAC.

No of the BPL Card.

No of APL Card.


Anandapur Anadapur Block



Ghasipura Block



Hatadihi Block



Anandapur NAC



Champua Champua Block



Jhampura Block



Joda Block



Joda NAC



Barbil Municipality



Keonjhar Keonjhar Block



Banspal block



Telkoi Block



Ghatgaon Block



Patna Block



Saharpada Block



Harichandanpur block



Keonjhar Municipality



Grand Total












Success Stories

          The one-window delivery system i.e. distribution of essential commodities through Gram Panchayats in 13 Blocks of the district has been introduced is a lane mark in the history of Public Distribution System and has been reviewed by different high power committees of the Government of India as well as Government of Orissa who have visited this district, reviewed the system and found it to be very satisfactory. Besides this 3 Model Fair Price Shops are functioning at Keonjhar town, Anandapur and Daitary for smooth distribution of essential commodities in the area.4 (four) Mobile vans have been deployed in the district in order to facilitate in transporting of stocks from storage depot to retail point at genuine rate. Apart from this, in case of emergency, the Orissa State Civil Supplies Corporation  Ltd. is selling commodities in interior pockets direct to the consumers through Mobile Vans. It is stated here that, the Orissa State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. has taken the Agency of L.P.Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.  to facilitate supply  of Gas Cylinder to the Consumers of Keonjhar proper, since 1995-96 and the business is running smoothly with utmost satisfaction of consumers. 

          For proper storage of stocks in rural areas of the district 9 (nine) Departmental Godowns having capacity 250 Metric Ton each having constructed. Action is being taken for construction of another 4 (four) nos of Storage Godowns in remaining Integrated Tribal Development Project (ITDP) Blocks having 250 Metric Ton capacity and 1 (one) godown having 2000 Metric Ton capacity in district Head Quarters.









Internal grievances Redressal System of the Department

          A consumer if he is dissatisfied with the Public Distribution System activities, may put forth his grievances before his area Inspector for justice and if there he fails, may intimate the facts to the members of Retail Level Committee /Sarapanch/Block Development Officer /Assistant  Civil   Supplies   Officer  and Sub-Collector of his respective Sub-Division and lastly to the Additional District Magistrate & Collector after exhausting all the channels for natural justice against his happenings.

          If an appellant fails in getting in proper justification at any level, he may take shelter in the court of consumer redressal Forum for restoration of natural Justice in his favour. As per instructions of Government of India, in each State/District especially a Forum has been constituted. At the district level, the consumer redressal forum is functioning comprising a President who happens to be a Retired Judge and other two members of the forum are of the same cadre inclusive of one lady member. The petitioner may file a petition before the forum without affixing the required Court Fee on the body of his petition and without deploying and Advocate for Pleading on behalf of him. For attendance of Court of filing of petition in the Court of District Consumer Redressal Forum, No expenditure is to be born by the petitioner. If the opponent Party is found guilty as will be proved by the forum, will be punished by the Court according to the law provides. If the petitioner opponent party expresses their dissatisfaction over the decisions taken by the Consumer Redressal Forum they may take shelter in the State Forum at Cuttack and Central Forum at New Delhi. 










          In order to prevent malpractices of essential commodities by any unscrupulous agency is committed and noticed, Government have framed certain laws and acts for the same for dealing of essential commodities restriction have been imposed for grant of licenses on different trades & therefore all the Civil  Supplies  field executive officers, police officers, Executive Magistrate have been vested with powers by the Government to made proper investigations in to the matter & basing on the weightage of cases, they will start  prosecution proceedings against the unscrupulous dealers under section 7 Essential Commodities Act. The aim & objects of introducing this act is to control the business of production, supply & distribution of essential commodities for the greater interest of General Public. For the violation of the terms & conditions of clauses as has been provided in the relevant licenses will be punished by the Hon’ble Court of special judge for which the Districts Judges have declared as Special Judge for the purpose. The authorized officers by whom any such cases as detected by them should furnish   the First Information Report (F.I.R.) within 24 hours of detection to the Collector. The Inquiring Officer  will report the matter to the matter for obtaining orders for forfeiting of stocks or for interim disposal of the seized articles under section 6.A of 7 Essential Commodities Acts. 

          Simultaneously the Inquiring Officer is to submit Prosecution Report under 7 Essential Commodities Act in the Court of Special Judge for trial.

          To prevent the black marketing and maintenance of Supplies of essential commodities to the community and for matter connected there with, the Government have introduced an act called the prevention of black marketing and maintenance of Supplies of Essential Commodities  Act.1980. Basing on the gravity of the cases, the delinquent is to arrested under clause 3 of P.B.M.S.Act. The Government have authorized to the District Magistrates & Commissioner of Police who are authorized to pass orders for such detention to any person under this Act. 

          Over & above, the Government have involved the P.R.Institution on functioning of TPDS from the grass route to supervise proper distribution of essential commodities to consumers, elimination of Ghost cards, wide publicity of distribution of essential commodities by discussing in Grama Sabha and Gram Panchayat Vigilance Committee. They are also to supervise the exhibition of Signboard indicating number of BPL families, quantity & the rate of essential; commodities etc. by the Fair Price Shopkeepers as prescribed in the licence.




. . .