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i) Promote fruit, vegetable, flower and spices production in the District.

ii) Execution of different programmes on horticultural crops as fixed by the Government from time to time.

iii) Execution of programme under Integrated Tribal Development Agency/District Rural Development Agency.









Structure of Department( District and Down wards)

Deputy Director of Horticulture, Keonjhar

  • Horticulturist Anandapur
1.Jr.Horticulture Officer - 1 no.
2.Horticulture overseer - 1 no.
  • Horticulturist Keonjhar
1.Jr.Horticulture Officer - 2 nos.
2.Horticulture overseer - 3 nos.
  • Horticulturist Champua
1.Jr.Horticulture Officer - 1 no.
2.Horticulture overseer - 1 no.











Programme Implementation

Brief description about different programmes being executed during the year 2000-2001 :-

(a) Kalpana Brukshya Yojana :- The scheme is being executed under central scheme by Govt. of India under the title "Integrated Development of Tropical & Arid Zone fruits".Under this programme 12,000 numbers of families will be supplied with 5 nos. of fruit bearing plants each for planting in their own land. Planting materials of 2 nos. grafts of mango, 2nos. seedlings of lime and one number gootee of guava/litchi will be supplied to each family having suitable land and protection in compact manner.

          Compact plantation of 0.1 Hec. Each having infrastructure like fencing and irrigation etc.will be taken up by the land owner who will be supplied with planting materials. This programme is being executed in cyclone affected Anandapur Sub- Division only.The target for this year is as follows:-

Mango 14 nos. grafts per unit of 0.1 Ha. - 468 Nos.

Kagzilime - 44 nos. seedlings per unit of 0.1 Ha. - 98 Nos.

Banana -180 nos. suckers per unit of 0.1 Ha. - 280 Nos.

Papaya -150 nos. seedlings per unit of 0.1 Ha. - 120 Nos.

(b) Integrated Farming For Coconut :- The scheme is sponsored by Coconut Development Board Govt. of India in which farmers will be given Coconut seedlings at a nominal cost of Rs.7/- each by allowing subsidy of Rs 13/- per seedling (Rs 5/-, Rs.5/-, Rs.3/-,towards seedlings, fertilizer and pesticide respectively).It is contemplated to supply 30,000 seedlings during this year.

(c) Maintainance Of Compact Area Mango Plantation Under Employment Assurance Scheme (Eas) :- 430 Hec. Of mango plantation developed under EAS programme in the land of B.P.L(Below Poverty Line) farmers are being helped during the current year.

Sub-Division Year of maintenance Crop Area Remarks

3rd year


311 Hec.




9 Hec.




110 Hec.


430 Hec.


(d) Establishment Of Block Level Nursery Under Swarnajayanti Grama Swarojgar Yojana(SGSY) Infrastructure Out Of District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) Funding :- Five block level fruit nurseries are being established at Dhenkikote, Patana, Badapalasa, Joda and Hatadihi to facilitate supply of Horticultural planting materials to rural farmers.

(e) Turmeric Demonstration :- This has been taken up in the field of 100 beneficiaries in Sadar Sub-division out of ITDA funding.

(f) Banana Demonstration :- This programme is being taken up in the field of 61 beneficiaries in Champua ITDA area only.

(g) Kitchen Garden Sale Center :- Three such centers are operating at Keonjhar, Champua and Ghasipura to sale vegetable seeds.

(h) State Community Canning Center :- One such center is functioning at Keonjhar to demonstrate and train on preparation of different fruit and vegetable products for preparation as home made products.

(i) Production Of Quality Planting Materials :- Quality planting materials of different fruit bearing plants are being produced in 2 horticultural farms located at Kunar and Tarmakant in Keonjhar Sub-Division.

(j) Transit Nursery :- Eight nos. of transit nurseries are functioning in the district to make sure that different horticultural planting materials at Keonjhar, Saharpada, Ghatgaon, Telkoi, Champua, Jhumpura, Ghasipura and Anandpur are available.












Success Stories

          Extensive Mango plantation to the tune of 1000 Hec. of area in Telkoi block on the lands of BPL farmers, is a remarkable achievement in Mango production for the State.










Worksites/Projects that can be visited by interested group/Press/Media

  1. Anandpur Sub-division
  • Development of orchard by private entrepreneurs at Panchahara, and Kanto.
  1. Champua Sub-division
  • Development of orchards by private farmers at Kankada and Jagannathpur
  1. Sadar Sub-division
  • Compact area Mango plantation in Telkoi block areas
  • Development of orchards by private entrepreneurs at Patabari, Pandapada, Janghira, Bebartaposi and Nelung.
  • Block level nursery under SGSY infrastructure development progrmme at Bodapalasa, Patna, Dhenkikote.
  • Production of quality planting materials at Kunar farm.
  • Off season vegetable cultivation during Kharif in the blocks of Harichandanpur, Ghatgaon , Banspal and Keonjhar.
  • Drip system of irrigation at Patabari, Pandapada,
  • Janghria, Bebartaposi and Nelung.
  • Bilati Orissa Ltd, Gopalpur.
  • Odyssy Pickles at Nenkadaghar.













Frequently Asked Questions

Question No-1 What is Horticulture ?

Answer- Cultivation of mainly fruits,flowers and vegetables in an enclosed area is Horticulture.

Question No-2 Who will be contacted for Horticultural Activities ?


At District level.

Deputy Director of Horticulture, Keonjhar

At Keonjhar Sub-Division.

Horticulturist, Keonjhar
Phone:-06766-55206 and
Junior Horticulture officer,
O/o the Horticulturist, Keonjhar.

At Anandapur Sub-Division

Horticulturist, Anandapur
Phone:-06731-20203 and
Junior Horticulture Officer
O/o the Horticulturist Anandapur.

At Champua Sub-Division

Horticulturist, Champua,
Phone:-06767-40344 and
Junior Horticulture Officer.
O/o the Horticulturist,Champua

Question No-3 Where will the planting material be available ?


  • Transit Nursery, Keonjhar
  • Transit Nursery,Saharpada
  • Transit Nursery, Telkoi
  • Transit Nursery, Ghatagaon
  • Transit Nursery, Jhumpura
  • Transit Nursery, Champua
  • Transit Nursery, Ghasipura
  • Transit Nursery, Salapada
  • Block level Nursery, Bodapalasa
  • Block level Nursery, Patna
  • Block level Nursery, Dhenkikote
  • Block level Nursery, Joda

Question No-4 Where the vegetable seeds and seedlings will be available ?


  • Kitchen garden sale centre located at Collectorate campus, Keonjhar.
  • Kitchen garden sale center, Ghasipura
  • Kitchen garden sale center, Champua
  • Different types of seasonal vegetables, seedlings will be available in all the Nurseries mentioned above.

Question No-5 What is Drip irrigation system ?

Answer-   This is a modern system of irrigation which ensures controlled supply of water directly to the root zone of the plants through a net work of main lines, sub-mains and laterals with emission points spaced along their length. It makes the best utilization of the water where its availability is scarce and is highly beneficial for fruit crops.

Question No-6 What are the advantages of drip irrigation system ?


i)A drip irrigation system helps maintain the temperature and humidity of the soil at a constant level, there by  ensuring minimum percolation loss.                                      

ii)It offers uniform irrigation even on undulating terrain while successfully handling problematic soils

iii) It ensures lower plant stress that leads to better harvest both in quality and quantity.

  • 30 % to 70 % savings on water usage that allows What are the benefits of drip irrigation irrigation of a larger area.
  • 10 % to 50 % increase in farm productivity.
  • Better quality harvest.
  • Early maturity and harvesting.
  • Weeding problems reduced to minimum.
  • No soil erosion.
  • All kinds of water sources can be used
  • Saving in labour
  • Fruit plants attain quick growth.

Question No-7 Where information on drip irrigation System can be available?

Answer- Nearest Horticulture field staff or Horticulturist of the sub-division or Asst. Agriculture engineer of the office of the Deputy Director of Horticulture or Deputy Director Horticulture to be contacted for necessary information on establishment of Drip Irrigation System.

Question No-8 Where can we see system working in our District?

Answer- The system can be seen operating in private fruit Orchard at the following places in our district. Jamunaposi, Nelung, Naranpur, Alanapada, Pandapada, Janghira, Patabari, Poipani, Guhalchatua in Keonjhar sadar sub-division and Panchara in Anandapur Sub-division.

Question No-9 Where will technical guidance be available Regarding preservation of fruits and vegetables?

Answer- State community canning center, Keonjhar located near children’s park and Municipality Kalyana Mandap, Keonjhar?

Question No-10 Where will technical guidance on grafting and production of planting materials be available?

Answer- Kunar Horticultural farm, At/Po-Kunar and in different transit nurseries as well as block level nurseries, Tarmakant farm, At/Po- Tarmakant.

Application Forms & Application Criteria Etc :

Application in plain paper will be submitted to the field technician stationed at Block head quarters for any kind of assistance required for Horticulture.










Internal Grievances Redressal System Of The Department

          Any sort of grievance can be placed before Horticulturist of the concerned Sub-Division and Deputy Director of Horticulture, Keonjhar At/Po- Mandua, Keonjhar











Future Prospective

          Due to suitable Agro-climatic condition and land pattern this district has a vast potentiality for plantation of Horticultural crops like Mango, Guava, Kagzilme, Jackfriut, Papaya etc. The coverage so far made and its success has given impact on the rural farmers to accept Horticultural plantation as a profitable profession.

          Vegetables in off season can also be grown extensively, due to typical micro Agro-Climatic condition in specific pockets like Banspal, Telkoi, Harichandanpur, Ghatgaon, Jhumpura, Joda and Keonjhar blocks, where different vegetable crops have been successfully grown.

          Return from off season vegetables like Tomato, Cauliflower, beans have encouraged the farmers to accept it as a means of income.












          To make the life smooth , pleasurable with a substantial continuous income, Horticulture is a suitable profession for all classes of people in the district since the Geographical situation, Agro-climatic condition and land pattern is quite suitable for growing Horticultural crops i.e. fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices.

          Adoption of proper practices and improved technologies will help people to attain satisfaction out of Horticulture profession to lead a healthy, wealthy and peaceful life.




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